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31/10/2022: New themed home pages!

The website it shaping up!

I've created three new themed pages for each aesthetic, and created links from this index page and also linked them between each other. I think I might have more stylized links that match their themes better later on, but for now they just have a cute consistent layout with the cutie ACNL pixels haha

I've also added custom/on theme graphics to each of these pages. It's a bit of a WIP as I try to figure out exactly how I might want these pages to look, but this is a pretty good estimation of how the colour pallets for the pages will look. I quite like the backgrounds so I might even make some of the elements semi-opaque if I can figure out how to do that :D

The most exciting thing I worked out how to do is to import a jquery script to load page contents into the body of the themes home pages. I've created all the planned pages for each section and linked them all too! Eventually I'll also create links for essays ect that I'm planning to write/ cross post on tumblr too.

Overall this has been...really fun!! I feel I should figure out how to add a chatbox on the homepage so people can leave some comments and then also get onto a web ring...

27/10/2022: FURTHER Landing Page edits

FINALLY figured out how to make the homepage responsive to desktop layouts! I've been making this website in bed on my tiny ipad, and it looks perfect on here but as soon as I tried it on my desktop it all fell apart.

It figures I just needed to create a specific div to contain everything in a set space initially and then throw the rest of my design in there, but like adjust the spacing a little ect ect. I'm glad I figured it out!! Now I can finally move on haha this has been frustrating me for ages

02/10/2022: Landing Page Edits

So last time I did wind up switching the index/landing page so it's all in the correct order.

The landing page was really cute but I wanted to add more elements to it; particularly add a little about the author section, map out space for the eventual web ring, add a ticker and add my links to the eventual triptych home pages.

The biggest change actually on the landing page is I figured out how to layer graphics! This update box is a little harder to scroll now, but I like the layout and it's not technically broken so I'll be leaving it as is for now :)

The ticker particularly was a big challenge to learn to code, but I managed it!! I'm really proud that I made it fit on the page the way I wanted it to. I had to remake the page a few times to get it all set haha...I'm going to now remove those buttons from the main page eventually. I think also since the ticker doesn't link to the source page well, I might create a separate text page that just includes links to where I've got misc graphics from.

I also made a set of cute graphics to link to the eventual 3 home pages! Only the magical girl one is linked right now, but I'll link the rest when I made those pages and their respective style sheets.

I think I'll also make a more expanded about the author page? I like the little layout as is so I didn't add a lot of details but it might be nice to make a more expanded page!

That's it for now. I'm having a lot of fun so far ;w;!!!

30/09/2022: New Landing Page

Created a new landing page!

Landing page is the main theme (magical girl/chibiusa) and will be linking to the main page that's themed around magical girl stuff! In future the major updates page will be centralised on this new landing page.Currently it only has the title and some graphics, but hopefully soon I'll be able to add little links to the specific themed aesthetic homepages, and then also maybe a webring (if I can join one.....) Maybe a small message board box too?

This page will remain more experimental and have a floaty styled layout without a specific grid and more overlapping elements.

Developmment notes/ goals:

  • Swap index from the current index to new index
  • Create separate aesthetic home pages

    Ideas for aesthetic pages sub-shrines.

    Magical Girl

  • Chibiusa Shrine
  • Sailor V Shrine
  • General Sailor Moon Shrine
  • Tokyo Mew Mew Shrine
  • CardCaptor Sakura Shrine
  • TMM RPG Shrine
  • Sailor Moon Another Story Shrine

    Ricefield Core

  • Animal Crossing Wild World / OG Shrine
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf Shrine
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Shrine
  • Persona 4 / Inaba Shrine
  • Boku No Natsyuyasumi Shrine
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Pokemon Crystal

    Retro Cyberpunk & Urban

  • Akira
  • Evangelion
  • SMT
  • TWEWY Neo
  • Yakuza
  • FF7 Midgar
  • Persona 5
  • Kill La Kill
  • 29/09/2022: New Graphics and Layout Edits

    Today I made some minor edits to the layout of the home page. I worked out how to centre the different elements in the layout and use style css within the HTML of the index page to create custom elements that deviate from the main stylesheet.

    Also added some flavour text to the websote with a few about sections in the sidebars, plus a bunch of graphics! I want to find more fake advertisements but this will do for now. I also added a shit ton of animal crossing icons. All graphics have been linked to their source so I hope that's ok.

    Developmment notes/ goals:

  • Create a new landing page layout that includes update section, possible web ring and key graphic, plus cute images.
  • Make separate style sheets for different aesthetics- eg Magical Girl, RiceField Core, Retro Cyberpunk
  • link and make custom pages to match all aesthteics
  • begin developing larger site map and shrine pages
  • 14/09/2022: Home Page edits

    Made some little edits to the main page css! Hopefully this will actually look like something!

    Main edits include: restyling css elements, adding a front page update section (which you're reading now), making it into a little scroll box, adding flavour text to the side bars to indicate future content, editing the title area, minor layout and colour pallet changes.